Pre-Shoot Information

The photo shoot should take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. We will be photographing both the interior and exterior of your home.


Please note that we will be photographing all rooms, walk in closets, etc. with the exception of the garage (unless it has special features that need to be highlighted.)

If you have special features that you would like photographed that may not be obvious, please make sure to let us know so that we can be sure to include them in the shoot. Please let us know If your home contains valuable works of art. We can edit photos to make these items unrecognizable or make sure they are not in the photographs. 


  • Clean all windows, both inside and outside (weather permitting)

  • Contain pets and pet items such as bowls, beds and toys in the garage or out of sight

  • Remove all vehicles from driveways and do not park directly in front of the house

  • Move outdoor garbage cans out of sight

  • Remove all garden tools, including hoses and sprinklers, from the exterior

  • Mow and rake yard a few days prior to the shoot

  • Trim all plants that block the view of windows and doors

  • Sweep driveways, sidewalks and patios and/or ensure they are plowed during the winter

  • Set up patio furniture for the photo shoot (weather permitting)

  • Clear off countertops in kitchen and bathroom areas

  • Remove toilet bowl brushes and plungers from bathrooms

  • Remove all rugs from bathrooms

  • Clear out all bottles and bathing accessories from tubs and showers

  • Remove photos, notes, magnets and papers from the refrigerator

  • Turn on all interior lights and lamps

  • Turn off all fans 

  • Toilet seats down 

  • Declutter rooms which may be excessively furnished, excess furniture and decor will make the room appear smaller than it actually is in photos

  • Remove all family photos

  • Make all beds and tidy bedrooms.

  • Make sure clothes are hung or folded and put away.

  • Do not stuff items under beds as they may show up in photos,

  • Remove piles of newspaper and/or magazines from counters, tables, and desks

  • Tuck trash cans and waste baskets out of view in a closet or cupboard

  • Replace all burned out light bulbs

  • Tidy desk & work areas